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What to expect. Andropenis® Penis Enlarger is a clinically tested and certified penis enlargement device. It is a medical penis extender providing durable, safe, and effective results.

Andropenis® has been patented and is an FDA approved medical device with PubMed® hospital studies. It has been approved by leading urologists as a penis enlarger, and is recommended by the American Urological Association.

*Results are based on clinical study: BJUI

FDA approved Andropenis penis enlarger
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20 years of experience in the field of Urology.

Over one million  highly satisfied users!

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Medical Penis Extender

Gain a larger penis without surgery or pills!

This video’s results are based on clinical studies: BJUI


Andropenis has been featured in International Medical Protocols

What to Expect from your Andropenis® Penis Enlarger

An effective, safe, and durable penis enlargement treatment.

increase lenght with Andro penis enlarger

Gain a bigger, longer penis with Andropenis® penis enlarger

The conclusions of the Andropenis Penis Enlarger scientific study carried out by the Hospital SGB of the University of Turin (Italy), Dr. Gontero, and published in the British Journal of Urology (BJUI) International in 2008 were that after six months of use, the mean gain in length was significant. Users experienced an increase in length between 2.3cm and (BJUI) in both the flaccid and stretched penis. This claim can be verified in the abstract study in BJUI (US National Library of Medicine), and demonstrates the effectiveness of the Andropenis penis enlarger.

increase girth with Andro penis enlarger

Gain a greater Penis Girth with Andropenis® penis enlarger

Dr. Moncada of the Hospital GM of the University of Madrid conducted a scientific study with the Andro Penis enlarger, and published their findings in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM) in 2005. The study found that sustained treatment over four months with the penis stretching device led to an increase in length between 1 and 4 cm, and an increase of penile girth between 0.5 and 1.5cm (JSM = PDF), . These claims can be verified in page 16 of the JSM magazine, and in a 2007 study presented to the American Urological Association (AUA).

durable results with Andro penis enlarger

Long-Lasting Results with the Andropenis® penis enlarger

The Hospital SGB of the University of Turin (Italy) carried out a study with Dr Gontero, and published their findings in the British Journal of Urology in 2008. The conclusions were as follows: “In conclusion, the penile extender device provides an acceptable, minimally invasive method that can produce an effective and durable lengthening of the penis, both in the flaccid and in the stretched state.” The abstract study can be watched in the US National Library of Medicine, and the whole study can be found in the magazine of the (BJUI).

During the first stages of your penile enlargement process with the Andro Penis enlarger (BJUI = PDF), you will initially notice a slight thickening of the penis, which is then followed by a growth in length that will be primarily noticeable in the flaccid state, and the later noticeable while the penis is erect (JSM = PDF). Users of the Andropenis penis enlarger will obtain an estimated growth of as much as 0.2 inches (0.5 cm) per month (BJUI = PDF).

Andropenis® Penis Enlarger is Approved by Medical Professionals

Andro Penis enlarger is recommended by top urologists.

dr moncada approved Andro penis enlarger

“This device can be said to represent a highly significant advance in the medical field due to the effectiveness of Andropenis.”

Dr. Moncada, Urologist, Hospital G. Marañón, Madrid, Spain

“The preliminary observations presented and published support the efficacy and safety of penile traction devices (such as the Andropenis device from Andromedical..”

Dr. Hellstrom, Urologist, University of New Orleans, USA

“When studying the use of the Andropenis device on a total of 30 patients, an average growth of the penis of 1 inch within the 3-months treatment period was observed.”

Dr. Zheng, Urologist, Shanghai Renji Hospital, China

Testimonials based on a scientific study: BJUI

How does the Andropenis® Penis Enlargement device Work?

Safe, natural, durable penis growth with a reliable penis enlarger

The Andropenis penis enlargement device sits at the very forefront of penile technology when it comes to non-surgical enlargement solutions, making it the ideal choice for those not wishing to undergo surgery to obtain a longer, thicker penis. Thanks to this device, you can enlarge your penis in both flaccid and erect states in complete safety (BJUI).

Andro penis enlarger works with androcomfort
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YES! Experience a boost in Sexual Confidence with Andro Penis enlarger!

“There’s no doubt that using Andropenis would ensure greater confidence in the patient, with the reassurance that not only will his penis grow, but that the quality of his erection will also improve” (BJUI)

Boosting of sexual confidence and performance based on clinical studies: BJUI


An effective and safe treatment for penis enlargment

British Journal of


““CONCLUSIONS: Penis extension devices are a minimally invasive, safe, and effective treatment which can elongate the penile shaft. ”

Dr. Gontero, Urologist, University of Piamonte, Italy

Urologists Recommend the Andropenis® Penis Enlarger

Genuine Doctor’s Testimonials regarding Andro Penis enlarger

dr salhi with testimonials of Andro penis enlarger

“Andropenis is the safest, most effective medical traction device available on the market today”

Dr. Jamal Salhi, Al-Jazeera health adviser

Testimonial based on a scientific study:BJUI

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dr hellstrom with testimonials of Andro penis enlarger

“All observations presented and published fully support the efficacy and safety of penile traction devices (such as the Andropenis)”

Dr. Hellstrom, America´s Top Doctors, 2010-2015.

Testimonial based on a scientific study:BJUI

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Our Media Success

What Technology is used in the Andropenis® Penis Enlarger?>

The Established Medical Principle of Traction & Cytokinesis

Cytokinesis = technical name for the process of cell division

The principle of traction is nothing new. Indeed, throughout history, African, Asian, and Amazonian tribes have been known to apply the force of traction to enlarge body parts, and change the shape of their bodies. Many tribes famously apply prosthetics and weights to elongate parts of the body, including the neck, lips and earlobe.
In today’s medical world, plastic surgeons also use this same principle of traction to regenerate tissue and apply skin grafts. It is commonly used for surgical procedures, such as limb lengthening. This is the same principle used by Andro Penis enlargement devices (BJUI). It is the same principle that Andro Penis enlarger uses.

androextender penis enlarger device
androextender andro penis enlarger

€99 / $99
85 £ / 149 AU$-CA$


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EIN, 300841570

Europe: Andromedical S.L.
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VAT: ESB82545096

20 anniversary Andromedical

ANDROMEDICAL is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified, ISO 13485:2012 Medical Devices Certified, ISO 10993 of Biocompatibility, and has EU Health License and FDA Health License. Our medical devices have Free Sale Certificate.


News about the Andropenis® Penis Enlarger

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The Evolution of The Andropenis® Penis Enlarger

  1. Am I required to seek the advice of a professional urologist before beginning the treatment?

You won’t have to seek any advice at first. However, if you require any sort of strict medical control, or consider yourself in any way unconfident with the device, you can consult a specialist before beginning treatment. For your convenience, we carry a list of specialists in different countries worldwide.


  1. Do you know of any urologists who are able to advise and inform me, or allay any doubts or questions I may have while undergoing treatment with an Andro Penis enlarger?

Yes, as mentioned previously, we have a complete list of specialists in countries worldwide who will be only too happy to assist you in your penis enlargement efforts and answer any questions you may have.


  1. Once I have experienced an increase in size as a result of enlarging my penis, what will happen if I carry on using the Andro Penis enlarger?

It is possible to experience greater gains and further increases, but any increase will be less noticeable, and will take longer to achieve.


  1. Is it possible to see no increase in size, or only a very minimal increase?

It has been our experience (and not the experience of the medical profession, which is often imperfect) that there is a 2.5% non-success rate when it comes to using the Andropenis Penis Enlarger. Should you fail to see progress or increase in length and girth, a doctor will be on hand to study your case and seek a solution for yourself.

  1. How do I manually extend the Andro Penis enlarger as required?

You will find the information you need in our user manual, which clearly explains how to modify the Andro Penis Enlarger to suit you best. All adjustments are made using the rods included in your purchase.


  1. How long should I take breaks for while using the Andro Penis Enlarger?

We recommend wearing the Andro Penis Enlarger for 9 hours per day. These hours can be spread according to your schedule and wishes. However, we advise taking a break every two hours, during which the device should be removed (you can plan this in sync with your bathroom breaks). A rigid rest schedule need not be followed, and it primarily depends on the sensitivity of the patient.


  1. Will anything happen if I don’t wear the Andro Penis Enlarger for one day?

No. However, we’d advise wearing the device for a little longer the following day.


  1. Once my treatment has finished, should I continue using the Andro Penis Enlarger in order to obtain greater results?

No, because the average results will have already been obtained. However, this is a slight possibility of gaining a little more length and girth if you so wish.


  1. Do I have to use any creams, ointments, or pills to assist myself in enlarging my penis?

The Andro Penis Enlarger is more than sufficient at achieving maximum penis enlargement results, without having to resort to any penis enlarging creams, ointments, or pills.

  1. Is Do I need to use any creams or ointments during my course of treatment with an Andro Penis enlarger?

Some patients find ointments or lubricants beneficial, as this help to lubricate the glans and avoid any friction.



Guarantees offered by the Andropenis® Penis Enlarger

  1. Are there any scientific studies that prove the efficacy and safety of the Andro Penis Enlarger?

We are happy to say that numerous studies conducted in leading worldwide clinics have proven the effectiveness and safety of the Andropenis® penis enlarger.

  1. Is Andropenis® penis extender officially recognised with a registered trademark?

Yes, the product carries numerous patents and certifications, and is an internationally recognised and registered trademark.

  1. Who are Andropenis? And what level of experience do your designers, scientists, and manufacturers have?

We are a respected international medical company, and have 20 years of experience in the field of non-surgical penis enlargement. The Andropenis® penis enlarger is a leading product, and the team behind it are responsible for the distribution of medical supplies across the globe.

  1. What percentage of success does the Andropenis® penis enlarger have?

The Andropenis® penis enlarger has received a success rate of 97.5% across its worldwide users.

  1. What guarantees do you have in place should I not experience the penile growth and enlargement suggested?

If you have not noticed any difference in the size of your penis after 2 months of correct Andropenis® penis enlarger use, we will reimburse 100% of the cost of the device. However, only 2.5% of patients fail to see any improvement.

  1. For how long has Andropenis® penis enlarger been used by patients across the globe?

Andropenis® penis enlarger has been in constant use by men worldwide for over 20 years.

  1. Do many men use the Andropenis® penis enlarger?

The Andropenis® penis enlarger is used by many men worldwide, and the vast majority of them have had great success with this penis enlargement product.

  1. What about my privacy? Is the Andropenis® penis enlarger discreet and confidential?

We take great care to ensure full discretion, and your information will be kept confidential and protected according to information rights protection laws and regulations.

  1. Are the Andropenis® penis enlarger instructions easy to follow and user-friendly?

Yes, you’ll find that the instructions are extremely easy to follow and clearly laid out. The instructions for Andropenis® penis enlarger are written in 28 languages.

  1. If I have any queries or doubts regarding the Andropenis® penis enlarger, am I able to contact you for assistance?

You can contact us either by telephone, email, or live online chat to resolve any queries or issues.

Patience is the secret. If you utilize this penis augmentation extender properly as well as comply with the directions, you will certainly see outcomes being available in.

This procedure is not a one-day job; the body takes some time to adapt to modifications. Similar to going through a marathon training, increasing the size of the penis takes some time as well as you have to be patient before you can see the real end result, gradually.

Do you recognize exactly how does the penis traction device functions?

The time considered you to realize real augmentation depends upon how many hrs you put on the penis enlarger and also not the number of days. Whether it is 6 hrs a day for 90 days or 3 hours a day for 180 days, the growth intensity will be equivalent.

Speed up grip
The efficiency of this product will certainly rely on several elements e.g. whether the user is working out, consuming healthy or adhering to the program as called for; the expectations the people will have must be actual; as a result, assisting in pushing in the direction of acquiring bigger packages.

The result does not come quickly, one-month usage will certainly disappoint any kind of huge difference for the patient, however within 3 to 6 months, you begin seeing the effects.

Offer your confidence an increase by including inches
The size of your penis gives you with self-confidence and also self-confidence both for ladies and also your very own age mates. Persons that have actually made use of penis extenders have reported enhanced self-esteem and also confidence as a result of their bigger penis dimension and also not just bedroom issues.
Females love confident guys and they will be able to inform if you have one the minute you fulfill. You can draw in even more interest with the opposite sex when you have a confident eye as well as an “I do not care approach” in the world. Individuals who use the device simply for a few weeks will see outcomes varying from:

A denser and also more challenging erection which is indicates far better sex and also long life for both of you.
More energy in bed and also long sex-related experience with even more control.
Increased and forceful climaxes each time throughout sex.
In 61% of patients, there has actually been a Peyronie’s modification.
When you feature a solid, sturdy and also large penis, you will certainly come to be strong towards ladies as well as tempting any woman will certainly come to be simple. Yet beware there are affordable variants out there which are low quality; you need to take care.

The length of time do I need to wear the device for?
The penis extender tool is very light and also can be worn under typical clothing. It is not visible and also you can use it for approximately 8 to 10 hours a day. You can as well wear it in sessions if your timetable does not allow you to have it constantly for a longer an amount of time.

The rate of your gains is straight pertaining to the time you invest wearing it, if your day-to-day timetable does not enable this you can split the use over the moments of day that matches you best.

Can I use a gadget while resting or at the office?
You can put on the extender to the workplace as long as the job you do is not labor substantial. You can likewise wear it during the night if you are the sort of individual that does not toast in bed, though it is not recommended that you use it while resting since you might not have control over your movements at night while asleep. Because it’s completely lightweight as well as discreet, you can use it under regular apparel and proceed with your typical obligations.

Why does my penis get bigger when I make use of a cot?
Penis extending service the simple principle that is utilized while constructing muscular tissues. When we work out, the cells within our muscular tissues and cells get stretched and elongated to the factor that they start dividing.

This causes formation of brand-new cells as well as triggers the muscle mass to broaden. The penile enlargement works on the exact same principle. There are numerous ways to attain penis stretching. The most recommended way is to do certain workouts.

Just how do I make use of a ANDROPENIS penis extender?
Putting together the extender
Put together the device by screwing the traction bars with each other. You can add even more bars as your penis expands. After every use you can leave the established put together or taken down.
Fit the tool over the penis

Clip the assistance plate onto the traction bars
When the assistance plate is well positioned on the traction lever it will certainly click.
Apply tension to the traction poles
Spin all-time low of the grip bar gradually utilizing your thumb and also forefinger. Your penis will certainly begin obtaining some stress. You can observe the pressure being put in by using the spring-loaded gauge.

Penile prolongation operation

Penile prolongation operation
Penile prolongation procedure is much less generally carried out in the public industry, however requires a joint strategy in between urology as well as plastic surgery. Genetic as well as also acquired micropenis are the timeless clinical signs for penile prolongation medical treatment. The objective of treatment in these individuals is to recoup a functional penis dimension in order to allow regular standing micturition, allow satisfying intercourse as well as likewise boost client lifestyle. Many people looking for prolongation as a matter of fact have regular size penises, yet regard themselves to be small, a psychologic difficulty recognized ‘penile dysmorphophobia’. This paper will absolutely evaluate the structure in addition to furthermore embryology of hereditary micropenis along with analysis both standard in addition to medical tracking alternatives for males looking for penile elongation treatment.

Penile make-up
To completely comprehend limitations of little penis measurement and also the surgical improvement opportunities, we need to evaluate the appropriate basic penile makeup. The penis is included 3 huge cyndrical tubes– 2 corpora cavernosa dorsally, which have the erectile cells, and likewise the corpus spongiosum that makes up the urethra. The main parts of the penis are bordered by areolar tissue in addition to peripherally confined with skin. Each layer of the penis plays a considerable role in the feature in addition to furthermore features of the penis throughout sex along with revoking.
Skin plays an essential obligation in shielding the penile cells from injury throughout sexual intercourse and furthermore as a challenge from microbial infection. If infection or injury do occur, the skin can stop intracavernosal operating together with cause a consisted of abscess or hematoma development, respectively. The skin is highly connected to the glans as well as additionally just honestly attached to the shaft, permitting flexibility throughout sexual relations. Deep to the skin exists the shallow (dartos) and also furthermore deep (Dollars’) fascia, which provide added architectural aid. At the base of the penis, the dartos fascia incorporates with smooth muscular tissue fibers along with creates a distinctive penoscrotal angle in between the scrotal wall surface area and also the skin. The deep fascia abide by the tunica albuginea.
The base of the penis is highly connected to the pubic rami by penile ligaments made up of connective tissue. The tendons occur from the outdoors oblique aponeurosis as well as also are dealt with to the symphysis pubis. The suspensory tendon develops from the linea alba and similarly supplies dorsal support along with stablizing of an erection by affixing midline to the penile origin. This ligament in addition aids cover the neurovascular bundle of the penis as well as protects it throughout repeated sexual injury. The ligament of Luschka or fungiform tendon consist of dartos fibers in addition to also enhances from the stomach Scarpa’s fascia onto the penile shaft. The fungiform ligament affixes to the pubis in addition to also fans side to side in addition to also ventrally to the boundary the entire penile start, mimicing a sling for assistance.

Penis development/embryology
Throughout embryologic development, gender remains separated until about 7th week of maternity. From the 8th week forward, person along with female developing pathways deviate. In guys, mother’s chorionic gonadotropins from the placenta promote growth along with furthermore growth of the testicular Leydig cells, which eventually develop their own testosterone for even more growth. The development of the exterior genitalia in males relies on the conversion of testosterone to the energetic part dihydrotestosterone. Testosterone is changed to DHT in your location by 5 α-reductase as well as additionally afterwards directly acts on androgen receptors to begin cell signaling paths.
The genital tubercle climbs the size of to establish both the shaft along with glans of the penis. The urogenital folds fuse along the midline to wind up being the penile urethra in addition to the glans invaginates to develop the glandular urethra. The labioscrotal folds fuse to create the scrotum. Complete penile difference requires to be total by the end of the initial trimester. Penile dimension in addition to measurement increase throughout growth well balanced to various other fetal growth. The typical penile size rises by a mean of about 2 centimeters in between 14 weeks along with term. Penile elongation in utero is overall by androgens developed by the coming kid. After the extremely initial trimester, the anticipated young person depends on his actually own hypothalamic-pituitary axis for gonadotropin production. Any type of sort of concern causing hypogonadism in utero can cause an underdeveloped penis, together with subsequently hereditary or ‘real’ micropenis.

After normal improvement, there is an LH surge at birth which promotes an increase in testosterone manufacturing along with penile development. This boost simply lasts referring to 12 h along with at some point hormone degrees decrease instead reduced. Progressively, gonadotropin as well as furthermore androgen levels begin to boost as well as height once again. This boost in degrees lasts for about 6 months as well as likewise allows for continued penile growth. Duplicating penile development happens throughout advancement, without the need for surges, yet rather as an outcome of common development. At the age of adolescence, the HPG axis gets activated in addition to boosts testicular testosterone production, which consequently causes better penile development right into their adult years.

Typical penile length
Accurate dimension of penile dimension is vital for both scientific in addition to academic functions. Because of this, a routine technique for measurement has been specified to keep uniformity. As opposed to determining a flaccid penis, which supplies restricted expert well worth, prolonged penile measurement (SPL) measurement is considered finest approach for adult males as it most completely recreates routine upright penile dimension. SPL is the optimum dimension of the penis while expanded, examined from the base of the penis, under the pubic symphysis to the principle of the glans as well as likewise is thought to approximate upright penile length within 10%. For exact scientific evaluation, SPL requires to be figured out by a physician. Research research study research study studies have actually revealed that males that are pleased with their penile size overestimate their measurement, whereas individuals who are discontented consistently take likewise lightly.
Authentic micropenis is defined as a generally established penis that has an SPL that goes down listed here 2 common variances of normal for a patient’s age along with race. Wiygul described the mean SPL in youngsters along with the evaluation measurement for micropenis at each age. Common worths for preterm babies birthed in between the 24th in addition to in addition 36th week of maternal can be calculated utilizing the formula: (0.16 × weeks of maternity)– 2.27.
As mentioned, micropenis establishes as a result of a key or area hormone discrepancy throughout fetal technology. Actual micropenis is a hereditary irregularity together with is numerous from obtained penile dimension troubles such as hidden penis or entraped penis. Based upon the etiology of the hormonal condition, micropenis can be divided right into 3 broad groups: hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, hypergonadotropic hypogonadism, along with likewise idiopathic. Different different other, a lot less normal origin of micropenis have actually truly been recorded. Issues of sex-related distinction can provide with micropenis, although hypospadias is a whole lot a great deal much more usual. The conjunction of micropenis along with furthermore hypospadias is called “microphallus”.

Penile dysmorphophobia
A great deal of individuals seeking penile prolongation therapy have a regular penile measurement, which is functionally appropriate for sex along with micturition. Person experiencing little penis, in spite of adequate dimension, normally deal with either penile dysmorphophobia problem (PDD) or tiny penis anxiety (HEALTH FACILITY). In both of these problems, people on a regular basis take too lightly the measurement of their very own penis as well as overstate the mean measurement for other people. PDD exists within the body dysmorphic problem (BDD) range, which is defined in the Evaluation and also Analytical handbook of Mental disorder, 5th variation as a ‘somatoform condition provided by attraction with a fictional or irrelevant defect in the physical look that causes disability in numerous locations of running’. Males are so busied with their penis measurement as well as dimension, they might develop depressive episodes connected with social, work, together with sex-related disorder. There is a high event of psychogenic erectile dysfunction and likewise lack of sex-related gratification in men with BDD, no matter their common libido.
On the other hand, DAY SPA is a tension as well as stress and anxiety condition vital to the genital body organs being observed, directly or indirectly while dressed, as a result of problem that the sagging penis measurement and/or girth is a lot less than the expected normal for an adult male. Person stress and also stress and anxiety continues regardless of evidence from an expert assessment to negate their issue. HEALING FACILITY might be an uncontrollable rumination or an aspect of psychosis which creates significant psychological distress as well as also activities problems. Numerous ranges and additionally nomograms have really been generated by scientists to convenience patients that their size is routine. Unfortunately, as an outcome of the nature of their anxiousness, end results of these study research studies are simply minimally beneficial to this client people.

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