Medical penis extender

How it works. The Andropenis® Penis Extender can increase both your Penis Length and Girth*. Clinically tested and FDA approved, it’s a revolutionary new device that’s loved by over a million men worldwide.

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From €99 / $99 / 85£ / 149 AU$-CA$

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Medical Penile Extension Device

An effective, simple , and trusted penis enlargement treatment with a penile extender.


American Urological Association recommends Andropenis penis extender
Sexual Medicine Society recommends Andropenis penis extender
British Association of Urological Surgeons recommends Andropenis penis extender



Increase the length of your penis! enlarge your penis by +4 cm (1.6″)* In both flacid and erect states (BJUI)


Increase the Girth of your Penis! girth increases by +1,5 cm (0.4″)* *Results will vary for each individual user (JSM) *Results will vary with each individual

Long-lasting Results ANDROPENIS offers long-lasting and durable results, and also improves your sexual function (BJUI)


British Journal of


““CONCLUSIONS: Penis extension devices are a minimally invasive, safe, and effective treatment which can elongate the penile shaft. ”

Dr. Gontero, Urologist, University of Piamonte, Italy

What exactly is the Andropenis® Penis Extender?

What is andropenis penis extender?

Andropenis® penis extender consists of a plastic base ring, to which is attached two metal shafts – each with internal springs – and an upper plastic support featuring a silicone band.

  • Androcomfort, a daily use band with comfort ensured.
  • Androdynamo, a brand new sliding & traction system which brings great results!
  • Androrods, customize your extender and make it perfect for your penis enlargement needs.
  • Androgold, the luxury and safety of a 24k Gold hypoallergenic surface
  • Androsupport, customize your curvature and get the penis you want.

Andropenis® penis extender has been developed in order to assist patients safely enlarge their penis. Andromedical designed the Andropenis® penis enlargement device with safety, effectiveness, and results in mind, and in order to help our patients enjoy a healthy, satisfying sexual life (BJUI).

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SCORE! We’ve served over a million highly satisfied users over 20 years with the Andropenis® penis extender (1996-2016)

Andropenis® Penis Extender has been approved by doctors

Dr. Hellstrom approved Andropenis penis extender

“The initial observations which have been presented and published fully support both the safety and efficacy of penile traction devices (such as the Andromedical Andropenis penis enlargement device).”

Dr. Hellstrom, Urologist, University of New Orleans, USA

Full testimonial based on a the reports of an in-depth scientific study: BJUI

Andropenis® Penis Enlarger is in the News

mens health with information about Andropenis penis extender
CBS news with information about Andropenis penis extender
Time with information about Andropenis penis extender
telegraph with information about Andropenis penis extender

How to Use Your Andropenis® Penis Enlargement Device

The Andropenis® penis extender has been designed for easy, discreet, and comfortable way throughout the day, and to be easily removed as and when necessary. It can be worn while standing, sitting, and walking without discomfort or awkwardness. (BJUI). Please bear in mind that the Andropenis® penis extender must be worn while the penis is flaccid, and should be used for between 4 and 9 hours per day, taking breaks when required.

Andropenis® penis extender is a user-friendly penis enlargement device (BJUI).Thanks to the pocket-sized manual and our range of live medical support options, you’ll have no problem getting started with confidence. Andropenis® penis enlargement device is straightforward and discreet, and was designed with your privacy and comfort at the forefront of our minds.

Andropenis® Penis Enhancer is fully Health Certified for your peace of mind.

FDA certified Andropenis penis extender

The Andropenis® penis enlarger has been classified as a Class 2 Medical Device by USA (FDA) , and is classified as a Class I Medical Device by Australia (ARTG), Canada (CMDCAS), Mexico (Cofepris), Russia (ФС) and Europe (CE).

ISO certified Andromedical and Andropenis penis extender

ANDROMEDICAL is ISO 9001:2008 of Quality Certified, ISO 13485:2012 of Medical Devices Certified and ISO 10993 of Biocompatibility. As such, it meets high standards of safety and effectiveness across the board.

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€99 / $99
85 £ / 149 AU$-CA$


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€199 / $199
149 £ / 249 AU$-CA$


USA 800-246-1387

Canada 800-246-1387

Mexico 01-800-099-0391

Australia 1-800-002-619

UK 0808-189-0326

Deutschland 030-30806288

World +1-646-568-7796

France 0800-910-078

España 91-198-17-40

Italia 02-9475-0304

andromedical urology laboratory

America: Androshopping LLC
16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE-19958, USA
EIN, 300841570

Europe: Andromedical S.L.
6 Gran Vía, 4th, 28013 Madrid, Spain
VAT: ESB82545096

20 anniversary Andromedical

ANDROMEDICAL is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified, ISO 13485:2012 Medical Devices Certified, ISO 10993 of Biocompatibility, and has EU Health License and FDA Health License. Our medical devices have Free Sale Certificate.


Latest News regarding the Andropenis® Penis Enhancer

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Andropenis® Penis Extender Indications

  1. What are the principles behind the foundation of the Andropenis® penis extender?

Our penis enlargement products are based on the medical principle of traction. When traction is executed in a controlled, progressive, continuous and gradual manner on the penis, the Andropenis® penis enlarger will stimulate the growth of penile tissue, resulting in a longer, thicker penis.


  1. Is the principle of traction commonly used in medicine and medical practices?

In a word, yes. The principle of traction is used commonly in modern medicine, and has been effective in skin grafts, bone elongation, and new skin creation with which to cover bald areas. What’s more, the principle of traction has been used in tribal cultures for thousands of years – famous examples include the Giraffe Women of Burma and their elongated necks, and African cultures using traction to extend the lips. The Andropenis® penis enlarger uses the same principle to extend the penis.


  1. What is the maximum growth (in centimeters) that one is able to obtain with the use of a Andropenis® penis extender?

While this all depends on the individual, we can say that an average result will be up to 4 centimetres (about 1.6”)


4.What is the minimum growth that can be expected and obtained with a Andropenis® penis enlarger?

Based on our clinical trials, we can say that a minimum growth to be expected is around 1.5cm (around 0.60″). 95% of patients will experience an average growth of 3cm (1.2″).


  1. Will I see growth in both my erect penis, and my penis in a flaccid state with this penis extender?

Yes. The Andropenis® penis extender provides proportional growth, with results noticeable in both the erect and flaccid penis.


  1. Can the Andropenis enlarger help to correct any curvature of the penis?

Yes, treatment periods of 6 to 7 months have been shown to correct more than 50% of a penile curvature. Substantial improvement will be experienced.


  1. Are the results of this penis enlargement device durable?

Yes, due to irreversible growth of penile tissue.


  1. Does the glans (head of the penis) also grow with this penis enlargement device?

No. The extension will affect only the penile shaft. The sensitivity and size of the glans will not be affected with the Andropenis® penis enlarger.


  1. Can the lengthening process cause the penis to become thinner?

No. The growth is completely proportional throughout the entirety of the penis. The Andropenis® penis extender creates greater size and volume in both the length and girth of the penis, due to new tissue being formed. This results in greater volume, which is then filled with new cells as a result of natural cellular multiplication.


  1. When is the perfect age to start the treatment with the Andropenis® penis enlarger?

We recommend using this penis enlargement method from 18 years onwards. Interestingly, the treatment can be followed by older men, too. Our studies have included test subjects of men at 60 and 70 years old, showing that traction can prompt penis growth at any age.



How to Use the Andropenis® Penis Enlarger

  1. Will the Andropenis® penis extender cause me any pain?

As the Andropenis® penis extender is a mechanical device, it is entirely painless. New users may notice the presence of the enlarger, but with persistent use, this sensation quickly fades.


  1. Is it recommended to remove Andropenis® penis extender when using the toilet?

Yes, we recommend removing the enlarger when urinating or defecating. Once finished, simply place it back onto the penis.


  1. How am I able to use the Andropenis® penis extender discreetly, without friends or family finding out?

We recommend using the Andropenis® penis extender during working hours, or when away from home. It’s also a good idea to wear loose-fitting clothing in order to attain added discretion.

  1. Is it recommended to wear the Andropenis® penis extender when sleeping at night?

This is not recommended. Many of our patients found the product dislocated upon waking, due to movement or nightly erections. The device can be worn for 3 hours per night, and we’d advise not wearing the Andropenis® penis enlarger at night when first using the device, as it takes a few days to become totally comfortable using and handling the device.


  1. What will happen if I get an erection while using the Andropenis® penis extender?

Most likely, nothing will happen. You may feel a little pressure, but it should be totally painless. If you are experiencing a particularly hard erection, the Andropenis® penis enlarger will loosen. However, it should stay in place without issue.


  1. Is it possible to wear jeans or tight-fitting clothing while making use of the Andropenis® penis enlargement device?

Jeans may be worn, so long as they are not too tight.


  1. Can I use the Andropenis® penis extender if I am seated for long periods?

Yes. We will inform you as to how to modify and adapt the Andropenis® penis extender in this situation.

  1. Can I wash the device? Will Andropenis® penis extender rust if it gets wet?

We’re pleased to say that Andropenis® penis extender will not rust. Our FDA and European Union Certification guarantees that the device has been fully inspected, and is completely free of defects. What’s more, the device should be washed weekly with warm water and a mild soap.


  1. Do I need to oil or grease the Andropenis® penis extender?

Initially, this will not be necessary. However, small quantities of oil may be applied to the bars of the penis enlarger, in order to facilitate smooth and easy part movement.


  1. What materials does the Andropenis® penis extender consist of? Will it need batteries? Is there any risk of electric shock?

Andropenis® penis extender is entirely mechanical, and doesn’t require any electricity or batteries in order to make it stretch and extend the penis.



Medical Aspects of Andropenis® Penis Extender

  1. Are there any risks or secondary effects involved in Andropenis® penis extender? 2019

No, If the Andropenis® penis extender is used according to and following the instructions, no risks or secondary effects should arise.

  1. Will the traction affect erection or cause sexual impotence?

No, the patients ability to form an erection will function as usual without any complications. Sex drive will improve immensely due to the increased confidence gained with a penis of larger dimensions, thanks to Andropenis® penis extender.

  1. What is the normal length of the penis?

Between 13 to 15cms long (5” to 6”), depending on the ethnic background.

  1. Increasing the penile size depends on what?

It depends on the genetic and tissue development of the penis. Andropenis® penis extender can help you.

  1. If I am diabetic, can I undergo treatment?

Yes, as long as you are under strict medical supervision, and if you maintain proper hygiene of the penis, you can use Andro Penis extender

  1. If I have a cardiovascular problems, can I still undergo treatment?

Yes, there are no risks involved using Andropenis® penis extender

  1. If I have been operated on for prostate cancer or a tumour around the prostate region, can I still undergo treatment with Andropenis® penis extender?

Absolutely not, there is too much risk involved.

  1. If I have varicocele, hydrocele, or prostatitis, may I undergo treatment?

Medical consultation is advised to use Andropenis® penis extender

  1. If I have any sexually transmitted disease, may I undergo treatment?

No, the disease must be cured first to use Andropenis® penis extender

  1. Is the slight pressure caused by Andropenis® penis extender harmful or painful?

No, because Andropenis® penis extender is adjusted accordingly to the size of penis and its growth. If the instructions are carried out accordingly, there should not be any discomfort.

Objective: To assess a commonly marketed brand of penis traction, the most famous brand the Andropenis (R) Andromedical, widely used extenders which aim to increase penis size, in a phase II single-arm study powered to detect significant changes in penis size, as despite their widespread use, there is big scientific evidence to support their potential clinical utility in the treatment of patients with small penis.

Penis extenders are the only technique along with treatment that trigger authentic penis development. Penis hold tools are on a regular basis selected to procedure, thought about that they are safe together with a great deal a lot less intrusive than surgical treatment. Whereas conclusion results of surgical treatment are much more instantaneous, those outcome can furthermore be a lot less than what you could get with a penis grip tool.

Penis extenders consists of 2 important parts 1) 2 securing variables– one at the base of the penis together with moreover one right prior to the glans along with 2) bars or short articles– these prolong the size of the extender. Benches or article are lengthened by the consumer to extend the penis overtime. Where layout distinctions enter play is the system in which the articles are overlaped with the simpleness high qualities (such as consisted of cushioning) of the device itself.

One penis extender located to really work, called Andropenis. 2019

One penis extender situated to actually work, called Andropenis.
One noninvasive method to lengthen penises, the penile grasp device called ANDROPENIS, reveals a fantastic success, according to a brand-new analysis of research study. However scientists insist most males that look for longer penises do not really recognize the considerable together with other than their circumstance.” Penile dimension refers fantastic interest rate amongst males that are affected by ‘little penis condition’ or just think themselves to have a little penis. Despite the fact that the dimensions of the body organ autumn within the normal range,”. Compose the urologist Paolo Gontero in the present professional research study of the British Journal of Urology International. Dr. Paolo Gontero, from the University of Turin, in Italy, finished that for those men that have a normal-size penis yet proceed asking for treatment.

Cognitive therapy might in addition work for developing confidence in these men. So with emotional issues developing the mismatch in between fact and additionally what continues to remain in their head. They establish. There are a range of nonsurgical methods for penile lengthening, such as penile traction devices, penis air pump, penile scrotal rings as well as additionally also “exercises,” have actually been advertised in the media. To get an actual scene of the scientific research on such devices, the scientists did a substantial search for studies on the topic of “small penis” as well as linked treatments, ending up with just 10 research study studies that pleased their requirements.

Based upon one research study, air pump acquired a quiting working mark, exposing no significant penile prolongation after six months of therapy, though the researchers of that research study noted it provided mental contentment for some guys. Penile expanding workouts additionally had no scientific research supporting their effectiveness. Minority well-conducted research studies on penile extenders, that make use mechanical grip to gradually expand the penis, they divulged these tools can produce an “efficient and furthermore sturdy lengthening of the penis,”.

The scientists create, for example, a little research study published in 2002 in the International Journal of Impotence Research research study showed a penis extender called Andropenis could include 0.7 inches (1.8 centimeters) usually to the sex body organ after 4 months of usage for a minimum of six hrs a day. That extender tool showed guarantee in an additional research study with six months of usage for a minimum of four humans resources a day. The extender was disclosed to boost penis size in people of a study released in 2010 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

That’s looking for treatment?
Various males that are worried about their penis tiny dimension fight with “dysmorphophobia,” a condition where individuals see some fictional problem in physical appearance as real– in this circumstance a false assumption of penis insufficiency, the researchers state. In addition to additionally certainly this male body-image issue is on the surge. According to medication press reporter, Christopher Wanjek, “Countless individuals long to have something much longer, although number of have a penis that is as well little to copulate or satisfaction their friend. This anxiety over dimension is called penile dysmorphophobia, and furthermore it gets on the increase worldwide as males trust porn together with comparison notes.” Urologist Nicola Mondaini of the University of Turin in Italy consented, informing “this fad is boosting”.

That stated, penile decreasing is a genuine scientific sensation as well as also can be caused by supposed a severe prostatectomy for prostate cancer cells, Peyronie disease (an acquired penile flaw of the upright penis) and likewise as a result of beginning or developing flaws. On top of that, an intended “concealed penis,” triggered by severe weight, aging with an exceptional layer of stomach fat as well as skin, as well as similarly a lack of penile skin from circumcision, as a circumstances, can also “decrease” the penis.

When it involves exactly how typical penile dysmorphophobia is, in one research study introduced in the International Journal of Erectile Dysfunction Study in 2002, 67 males with a normal age of 27 pertaining to the training hospital in Italy within a two-year period experiencing having a little penis. None of the patients came under the group of a brief penis; in other words, all were of typical dimension. Sixty percent of the people, specified their feeling of inadequacy down, started in young people when they saw their friends were extra gifted. Fifty-seven of these individuals believed a regular penis size was someplace in between 3.9 along with 6.7 inches. (10 along with 17 centimeters). The others didn’t acknowledge what “common size” was.

Among the best penis-size research study researches included above 3,000 males as well as likewise discovered equivalent end results– that the majority of people seeking size improvement were within the regular dimension range along with overstated the normal penis measurement. That research study was launched in the International Journal of Impotence Research Study Research Study in 2002.

So what’s normal you ask? Anything more than 1.6 inches (4 centimeters) sagging along with greater than 3 inches (7.5 centimeters) in a long term or erect state. When it comes to the typical penis measurement, numbers differ relying upon the research, yet Mondaini insurance claims: 3.5 inches (9 centimeters) sagging, 4.5 inches (12.5 centimeters) extended as well as additionally 5.9 inches (15 centimeters) set up.

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