Un lider în sănătatea bărbaților

Dispozitive medicale neinvazive pentru urologie

1 milion
satisfăcuți utilizatorii

20 de ani
pe piața urologică

100 de țări
cu distribuitori

5.000 de urologi
ne recomanda

Un pionier în sănătatea bărbaților

Andromedical este un laborator de urologie, dedicat exclusiv tratamentelor pentru bărbați.


Andromedical oferă un tratament eficient și neinvaziv pentru extinderea penisului și probleme urologice bazate pe tehnicile medicale cele mai eficiente și de vârf, care conduc la:


  • Îmbunătățirea funcției urologice masculine și a performanței sexuale
  • Un tratament eficient pentru morfologia penisului.
  • Un impuls durabil pentru încrederea și stima de sine a pacientului în ceea ce privește viața sexuală, performanța sexuală și imaginea de sine.

# 1 produs de extindere a penisului pe piața sănătății bărbaților

Numărul 1 în vânzările globale ale creșterii penisului Andropenis

Un inovator de frunte în sănătatea bărbaților și extinderea penisului

Suntem 100% angajați în producerea și furnizarea de produse care îmbunătățesc încrederea, bunăstarea și viața sexuală a pacienților noștri.


4 dispozitive de îmbunătățire a penisului


7 Marci de marire a penisului de încredere și eficiente


9 brevete recunoscute la nivel global


  • 4 years of deep and careful clinical and medical research in penis enlargement, thanks to the collaboration of Doctor Gómez de Diego’s own patients.
  • Andromedical was established in the year 2000
  • Dr. Gomez de Diego (Spain) presents the 1st scientific study with Andropenis penis enlargement devices
  • Health Licensee in Europe (EU)
  • Adaptation to ISO 13485:2003 for medical devices.
  • Andropenis Gold Penis Enlarger Launched
  • Granting of Patents in USA, China, India, etc.
  • Health Licensee in Canada (CMDCAS) and USA (FDA)
  • Health Licensee in Australia (ARTG) and Russia.
  • Dr. Gontero (Italy) published his study in BJUI showing the results of our penis enlargement devices.
  • World Media Promotion: Time, Men´s Health, Fox News, Sun, Reuters, etc.
  • Andromedical patented their new penis extender, designed specificaly to treat Peyronie´s disease.
  • Andromedical began selling medical vacuum pumps to enhance the penis and improve penis function, as well as treat erectile dysfunction
  • Dr. Martínez-Salamanca (Spain) pubished a study in JSM on the use of Andropeyronie to treat penile curvature caused by Peyronie’s disease.
  • Health Licensee in Mexico (Cofepris)
  • Bristish Association of Urological Surgeons recommends Andropenis penis enlargers.
  • American Urological Association (AUA) recommends our penis enlarger for treating Peyronie´s disease..
  • French Association of Urology (AFU) recommends Andropenis penis enlarger for treating Peyronie´s disease.
  • Andromedical launched their clamps for Urinary Incontinence

“My vision is an improvement in Penile Health as an aspect of Men’s Overall Wellbeing”

Dr. Eduardo Gómez de Diego
CEO and Founder of Andromedical

Social Responsibility in Men´s Health and Sexual Wellbeing

Andromedical promotes Sex Education programs.


Andromedical is a leading urological laboratory, creating penis enlargement and enhancement devices as a result of more than 20 years of experience

Number 1 in sales worldwide of the Andropenis penis enlargement device

Discreet, secure, swift and reliable logistics network, providing penis enlargement delivery to more than 165 countries worldwide

Authentic, verifiable medically-backed results of penis enlargement effectiveness

Online professional medical live support for all patients

International Medical Committee

Penis enlargement devices made from European high quality grade materials

Dedication to excellence in service and quality assurance, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 compliance

Innovative, forward-thinking and continuous research and development into penis enlargement and enhancement.

Affordable, reliable, and safe medical solutions

Fully secure transactions guaranteed with authenticated secure sites with full SSL protection.

We’re ready to bring you a better, more satisfying sex life with our penis enlargement products. Over a million customers have tried us, loved us, and trust us.

USA 800-246-1387

Canada 800-246-1387

Mexico 01-800-099-0391

Australia 1-800-002-619

UK 0808-189-0326

Deutschland 030-30806288

World +1-646-568-7796

France 0800-910-078

España 91-198-17-40

Italia 02-9475-0304

andromedical urology laboratory

America: Androshopping LLC
16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE-19958, USA
EIN, 300841570

Europe: Andromedical S.L.
6 Gran Vía, 4th, 28013 Madrid, Spain
VAT: ESB82545096

20 anniversary Andromedical

ANDROMEDICAL is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified, ISO 13485:2012 Medical Devices Certified, ISO 10993 of Biocompatibility, and has EU Health License and FDA Health License. Our medical devices have Free Sale Certificate.

ANDROPENIS In the study, the use of a penis traction (ANDROPEYRONIE) provided improvements in penis curvature with a reasonable level of patient satisfaction is attributable to increased penile length. This selection of patients with a stabilized disease, a penis curve not excee 5 0 °, and no severe Erectil D could have led to outcomes underestimating the potential efficacy of the treatment .

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